Friday, April 20, 2007

YouTube 'Killer' Jalipo to Offer Pay-Per-View Content

YouTube 'Killer' Jalipo to Offer Pay-Per-View Content
Click to enlarge Jalipo, a new online distribution network for high-quality TV and video content, launched today in London, with the aim of becoming an alternative to YouTube, writes Vecosys (via PSFK).
For consumers wanting to watch live events and video-on-demand online, Jalipo offers a pay-per-minute credit service called J:Credits. For example, 10 British Pounds buys 1550 J:Credits.
The key differentiator with Jalipo's online service is that it will allow rights owners more control over their footage by letting them set their own pay-per-minute price while at the same time determining where or when it is available, in order to avoid jeopardizing any other distribution deals.
Jalipo's chairman, the former president of Sony Europe Chris Deering said, "This is absolutely not for user-generated content. If you were looking to put us into the marketplace, I would put us at the other end of the market to YouTube. This is rights protected, territory restricted and monetized every minute."
The online network's launch partners include France24, BBC World, GP Masters and Al Jazeera English among others. It is looking to sign deals to show live sports, concerts and more independent films.
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