Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Advertising Network, AdPerk, Rewards Consumers for Watching Relevant Online Videos

New Advertising Network, AdPerk, Rewards Consumers for Watching Relevant Online Videos

Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 26, 2007--AdPerk, a new kind of advertising network that rewards consumers who view online video advertising and other forms of sponsored content, launched today.

Dwell Magazine is the first publisher to partner with AdPerk and is using the new network to grow its paid circulation. Consumers are invited to watch online video ads from a range of marketers in exchange for three free issues or a discounted annual subscription.

The next magazine that will use AdPerk is Popular Science, scheduled to roll out next month.

Unlike pre-roll ads that are limited by the host site, AdPerk enables consumers to choose which companies' ads and video content they wish to view and then watch them on their own time. By rewarding consumers for participating in the ad process and capturing their attention in a related environment, marketers gain a unique opportunity: the ability to reach a motivated and demographically relevant consumer who has chosen its ad over others and willingly taken the time to watch the ad.

At the same time, the publisher is paid a real rate for issues of the magazine fulfilled by AdPerk. Advertisers currently in the AdPerk network include Duxiana, LG Electronics, Delta Faucet Company, Disney Mobile, Kleenex and others.

This new approach to advertising is premised on the idea that consumers should receive something for their time and attention. "It comes down to respect, user choice, benefit and relevance," says Barry Soicher, CEO and co-founder. "We engage users at the right time and place and give them the control they're looking for," adds Soicher.

AdPerk also gives marketers a way to experiment with video ads without using the pre-roll format. Soicher says, "This is permission-based advertising. Rather than pushing ads out, our model draws the consumer in to provide them with multiple options, ultimately allowing users to choose what content is interesting and relevant to them."

Magazine publishers draw significant traffic to their sites and AdPerk offers a collaborative way to more deeply connect with and leverage those audiences. Print advertisements can be augmented with information-rich video, allowing publishers to fully engage their constituents.

To implement the program, AdPerk places banners on the magazine's home page or other outlets, offering users free issues in exchange for watching short videos. Visitors who click on the banners are taken to the AdPerk platform, where they can select the ads they wish to view.

Consumers select ads by clicking on thumbnails of the spots. When users mouse over the thumbnail for each video, they're shown information including the name of brand or product, name of video and length. Additionally, links to marketers' Web sites and special offers are displayed to users. AdPerk offers marketers detailed metrics and insight into consumers by tracking user behavior on the site and subsequent purchases.

To ensure users pay attention to the spots, AdPerk requires consumers to confirm viewing by entering a word verification within 30 seconds of the ad's completion. Once they've done so, AdPerk gives users the choice to watch more videos or to come back at a later time by registering with the site.

As part of the non-invasive registration and checkout process, AdPerk only collects names and addresses, which are necessary to mail the magazines when earned. This information will also enable the company to introduce local ads targeted by zip code in the future.

Soicher previously served as vice president of sales at HumanConcepts, a leading software company, immediately before starting AdPerk. Prior to that, he was president and COO of InnovationWORLD, a research and publishing company he co-founded. He also previously held vice president positions at The Industry Standard and Red Herring Communications.

Co-founder is Kevin Goodman, who previously founded Slang World Enterprises, a product development firm featuring innovative and proprietary products sold through direct marketing channels including print, radio and television. In 1995, he began serving as general counsel for North Shore Agency, Inc., the preeminent accounts receivable management firm servicing the direct marketing industry.

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