Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Social network, Web site launches for weight loss support

Social network, Web site launches for weight loss support

A new social network and Web site aims to help people lose weight on any diet or exercise plan and also says that it accepts advertising. DietTelevision.com's tools include the DietFinder, which, according to the site, is the first automated tool that identifies the diet programs that are the best match with users' individual goals and preferences. The site also features a mobile food tracker with voice recognition, which lets users call in or text message what they eat and automatically record it in their online journal. The site is searchable so users can find other members with similar goals and struggles. DietTelevision.com is part of the Diet Channel and says it already has tens of thousands of members who tested the tools in the prelaunch phase.

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beepee said...

Don't see how tens of thousands of testers would have led them to this; frankly it stinks of over engineering and people just don't want all the social networking stuff on a diet site they just want diet stuff. This will be one big waste of money and effort. Very traineo like. Heavy on the 2.0 and not on the long term user utility.