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TNS Research Explores Consumers' Experience with Online Video

TNS Research Explores Consumers' Experience with Online Video; Confirms
Trajectory for Continued Growth in Viewership and Ad Opportunities

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About Advertisers; Nearly Two-Thirds of Users Say They've Taken Action
After Seeing a Video Ad Business Editors/Advertising Editors/Technology
Editors NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 24, 2007--A comprehensive
survey by TNS, a world leader in market insight and information,
confirms that online video has become a compelling medium both for broad
viewer audiences as well as relevant advertiser messages.

In a relatively short period of time, the online video platform has
become mainstream media, with the research confirming that reach across
the medium is broad and rapidly growing. Fully 75% of respondents
reported watching more video online than they did a year ago, and half
(52%) expected to watch more online video over the next year. Users
cited convenience, control, and access to unique content as some of the
medium's benefits.

The study, sponsored by AOL and Google, also found widespread acceptance
among consumers for online video ads. Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they
prefer having video sites include ads in order to keep the content free.

"This study confirms that consumers accept video advertising in exchange
for a free viewing experience, which is good news for advertisers," said
David Klein, Vice President of TNS. "As with advertising across all
media, if the video advertising is relevant, it can contribute to and
enhance an engaging media experience, not impair it."

The combination of viewer control and the ability to easily share
content combine to create a uniquely engaging media experience.
Eighty-four percent say they watch online videos when it is convenient,
and 57% say that online video provides a lot of control over content.
Both responses describe the active posture associated with viewing
online video. Additionally, 54% say they often view videos sent to them
by friends and family, while 47% say they enjoy sharing online videos

"The online video viewing experience puts the viewer in the driver's
seat, allowing the user to decide not only what they see and when, but
also enabling them to easily share content with others with the click of
a mouse," added Klein. "For marketers, targeting and segmentation can
play a critical role in ensuring video advertisements are equally
engaging as the content consumers are viewing. This gives marketers the
opportunity to build compelling and viral brand experiences."

While marketers often employ TV advertising for awareness and brand
association goals, the research found that the immediacy and
interactivity of the video medium makes it easy for consumers to learn
about a brand/company and take subsequent action- a complementary
strategy to TV. Results show that more than three-quarters (78%) agreed
that online video ads provide as good as -- if not more -- of an
opportunity to learn about an advertiser than TV. And nearly two-thirds
(64%) said that they have taken some action after seeing an online video
ad, including going to a company's website (44% of respondents),
searching for more information about a product or service (33%), going
to a bricks & mortar store to look at a product (22%), or talking to
friends/family about the product (21%).

The research also found that brands can benefit simply from having an
online video presence; in other words, for online video advertisers, the
medium itself can be a valuable part of the message. Forty-one percent
of respondents stated that after they see a brand featured in an online
video ad, they are more likely to think of that brand as having a strong
presence on the Internet. This suggests that the employment of video
advertising can play a unique and critical role in representing a brand
as digitally-focused and digitally-accessible.

Moreover, nearly one in three say they think of brands featured in
online video as "innovative" (32%), "creative" (32%), and "fun" (30%).

"These statistics have a compelling message for marketers: just by
leveraging the online video medium for communicating a message, your
company's brand benefits," notes Klein from TNS.


The AOL/Google Online Video Survey was conducted from July 9 to July 15,
2007 by independent research company TNS. The results are based on
online survey responses from 2,394 online video viewers between 18 and
54 years old, using TNS 6th Dimension Panel.

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