Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Power of Social Media in Doctor / Patient Relationship

by Ann Engelland MD
Original Post: Health World Web Blog

Talking about using social media in the healthcare industry and actually doing something with social media that makes a difference are two totally different things. Ann Engelland MD clearly understands the power of social media and her 4000 newsletter recipients are clearly glad she does.

Doctors and the Power of Social Media

Social media is a connection between people. Whether you are using Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn or FaceBook, the main attraction of these websites are the connections people make on a daily basis. How many people log into their personal social media accounts every day just to check on the people they are connected with and what they have posted? Here in lies the brilliance of social media and the relationships doctor’s have with their patients.

For Ann Engelland MD, for instance, specializing in adolescent medicine means treating people in the social media age group. These patients talk more with the connections they have on social media websites than they do with their parents, so medical questions and problems are often left to the doctor’s office. With tools like blogging, newsletters and websites, doctors can answer some of the questions parents have in a more open setting so, potentially; millions of viewers have access to the questions they are seeking answers for.

Times are changing and so are the demands of the patient. Soon, patients will not only have the expectation of more education but the social media connections to fulfill those expectations. Limitless information, limitless knowledge and a connection on a whole new level is the true power of the healthcare / social medical relationship.

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