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REPORT: Effective and Measurable Pharmaceutical eMarketing Using Social Media

Eularis Releases Comprehensive Report on Effective and Measurable Pharmaceutical eMarketing Using Social Media

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NEW YORK and LONDON, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Eularis is announcing the release of an update to its report "Pharmaceutical eMarketing: Building Brands, Relationships & Business Through Web 2.0 and Beyond." The comprehensive report has been created to demystify the world of eMarketing and Social Media to provide Pharmaceutical marketers with a competitive edge and the latest information on how to use these emerging tools.

"As market growth slows, the bottom line return for brands is under increased scrutiny, and every marketing dollar must count," said the author of the report, Dr. Andree K. Bates, President of Eularis. "The emerging social media tools are inexpensive to implement, highly effective for gaining prescriptions when implemented as part of a cohesive strategy, and measurement of the financial impact of using them, using analytics, is certainly possible for justification to management."

Many pharma companies still flounder when it comes to justifying online marketing and can still be stumped by how to use the plethora of emerging social media tools now available. This challenge can be troublesome enough to prompt some companies & marketers to sit it out completely, or to half-heartedly engage in some online activities - like blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook - without a real plan. New initiatives are started & neglected, or focused entirely on the wrong things. As a result, companies miss out and waste time, money and opportunity.

However, this report shows how an eMarketing campaign that is built on strategy & a deep knowledge of an audience can be powerful. The report examines specific tools in the social media age, observing how patients, physicians and companies use blogs, social networking, Twitter, YouTube and other new media tools... and develop best practices for their use. Finally, we tie it all together, examining key case studies of eMarketing campaigns, giving instructions on first steps for your own campaign, and taking a close look at measurement.

eMarketing can be a challenge. However, with some company initiative, firm goals and the insider knowledge provided by this report, marketers can also find eMarketing to be an empowering opportunity for their brands.

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About Eularis

Eularis provides sophisticated Pharmaceutical analytics that provide data-driven insight into the financial impact of corporate and marketing decisions. Unlike traditional analytics approaches, which are lengthy and whose reliance on historical or analogue data reduces their accuracy, Eularis' proprietary 94.8 Analytics Process is based on the current market situation. This proven approach helps Pharmaceutical marketing teams to quickly plan, measure, validate and optimize their sales and marketing performance, knowing where to focus, and how to budget, for maximum financial return. Co-headquartered in London and New York City, the company has developed significant experience in the global Pharmaceutical market through client engagements with AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and many others. For more information, visit

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SECTION 1: Internet, e-Marketing, and Brand-Building Basics

  • Chapter 1: Pharma Internet Marketing Today, Past and Present
  • Chapter 2: Creating an Effective On-line Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Building a Trusted On-line Pharmaceutical Brand
SECTION 2: The Evolution of e-Marketing
  • Chapter 4: Where it All Began: Web sites
  • Chapter 5: Where it Moved: eDetailing and eLearning
  • Chapter 6: Where We Are Now: Social Media and New Technologies
  • Chapter 7: Using Social Media As An On-Line Community for Marketing
SECTION 3: Key Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools
  • Chapter 8: Maximising the Use of Blogs
  • Chapter 9: Maximising the Use of Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn
  • Chapter 10: Maximising the Use of Twitter
  • Chapter 11: Maximising the Use of YouTube
  • Chapter 12: Maximising the Use of Other New Media Tools
  • Chapter 13: Maximising the Use of Google
  • Chapter 14: Maximising the Use of Multi-Channel and Closed-Loop Marketing
SECTION 4: Putting It Together
  • Chapter 15: Measurement of On-line Activities
  • Chapter 16: Tying it All Together: Social Media and Business
  • Chapter 17: Getting Started with Social Media and Web 2.0


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New report - about to be published in May 2009

"Pharmaceutical eMarketing: Building Brands, Relationships & Business Through Web 2.0 and Beyond"

Written by Dr. Andree K Bates, published by Eularis, distributed by NetworkPharma

Pre-order the report for immediate delivery on publication in May by contacting Peter Llewellyn at NetworkPharma Ltd today:

NetworkPharma Ltd
89 Oxford Road, Oxford, OX2 9PD, United Kingdom
T: +44 1865 865943
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