Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

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  • ABSLTLY. THNX! RT @JeanneMale: Yep! HIV/Aids RT @skypen: "Is there a thing called patient opinion leader?" LinkedIn Q/A
  • RT @JamesLDaniels: Turner Radio Network: LEAKED: CDC Director's Bulletin on new Flu
  • A complete list of yesterday's tweets in one blog entry. Took me 4ever to figure this out! will auto-parse daily. Thoughts? ...
  • "Social Media Apps Meet Widget" cracks the top of the charts at #2:
  • Shwen's "Social Pharmer Site" :
  • eMarketer Digital Intelligence, "Real Kids in Virtual Worlds":
  • AdAge: "P&G Social-Media Strategy Increases Tampon Sales"
  • Press Release: " Launches Allergy Alert iPhone and iPod Touch Application"
  • GameStop and National Women's Health Resource Center launch Website Promoting new Wii Game:
  • RT @JMurray21CFR: @pharmaguy FDA hasn't decided if the internet is advertising or labeling. Odd but real issue.
  • Made a little "widget" out of it -THNX! @StrategicHealth @shwen @brianreid @edsilverman @jensmccabe @jjohnsondc. #SocPharm
  • NOW you can even grab/share the widget ;) @brianreid @shwen @brianreid @edsilverman @jensmccabe @jjohnsondc :
  • I don't know.. now you have me concerned. RT @cadelarge: You think its true that 99% of what we worry about never occurs? If so, why bother.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA and PHARMA dominate SKYPEN'S TOP TWEETS OF ALL TIME with 1200+ clicks! updated 5/21:
  • RT @healthworldweb: The Power of Social Media in Doctor / Patient Relationship - Ann Engelland MD #health #socialmedia
  • A new way to experience "Little Red Riding Hood". Brilliant. (courtesy @davidrosenman, @danielpink)
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