Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

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  • WSJ Health Blog: "After FDA Warning, J&J Yanks Online Video for Pain Med" (courtesy @richmeyer)
  • From January, but interesting in light of Cheerios: "FDA Not Impressed by Diet Coke Plus":
  • New Nielsen Report on TV, Web, Mobile (@nielsenwire) Summary:, PDF Report:
  • RT @DiabetesMine: RT @helenjaques A new way of visualizing health data
  • Tonight: "Pharmaceutical Marketing Within Today's Social Media Culture, Opportunity or Nightmare?"
  • RT @marketingvox: Starbucks Seeks to Stimulate Social Media Engagement
  • COOL VIDEO: "Social Media Trends in Health Care" (nice job @CheyenneJack):
  • Question: "Is there a patient opinion leader?". Participate in the discussion on LinkedIn:
  • RT @lotay: "Men are from Facebook, Women are from Twitter?" (Fortune)
  • Neat little widget from GSK (in case you hadn't already seen it):
  • RT @richmeyer: Harris corporate reputation survey results (pdf)
  • WSJ: "Hidden Risk: Millions of People Don't Know They Are Diabetic": #diabetes
  • Medical Marketing & Media: "iPhone app to boost level of care for Crohn's"
  • WEGO Health Presents "Twitter Fundamentals for Health Activists":
  • Upcoming Webinar "Twitter Fundamentals for Health Activists": (@wegohealth)
  • RT @TrishaTorrey: @ berci @skypen @whydotpharma "Patient Opinion Leader" LinkedIn Q: Just answered.
  • RT @JNJComm: Calling mommy vloggers -- Rob Halper is looking for content...
  • Will u b twting? @eiobri decided w/@pharmaguy hashtag #philama 4 "pharma marketing within social media: opportunity or nightmare?"
  • RT @accarmichael: Jeremy Person on CureTogether - "harness the Internet to crowdsource health information. Great idea..."
  • CBS/CNET: "Why Are Doctors Such Luddites?" (courtesy @THEHCC):
  • GREAT! Say hello to all! RT @eiobri: @skypen Of course! Great panel with Stephen Wray from Cadient and Nancy Phelan, Wyeth #philama
  • The buzz around the web 2day ... GSK's "new" blog. Entries back in Jan? Why 1st time we hear about it?
  • RT @timoreilly: Brilliant piece by @jmichele on the Digital Panopticon Social media, transparency, and control.
  • "NEW" on doseofdigital this AM- RT @eiobri: @skypen GSK blog is not new? It's been under the radar if @pharmaguy just found out about it.
  • GOING ON NOW: "Pharmaceutical Marketing Within Today's Social Media Culture, Opportunity or Nightmare?" #philama
  • RT @eiobri: Phelan: even listening should be considered long term to get complete and full picture. #philama
  • Same as cost of a patient getting bad info. RT @eiobri: What's the cost of not participating in social media for pharma? #philama
  • RT @juvenation: Win a Track3 electronic carb device for getting the most members on #diabetes
  • Note to "U-Know-Who-U-Are": Don't send me DM 140-character tweet w/link and ask "Please RT w/no editing". Now what?
  • It's about time! RT @LATimes: 47-million-year-old primate fossil could shed light on evolution:
  • RT @jeanlucr: Tips for brands starting out on Twitter
  • SKYPEN'S TOP-CLICKED TWEET OF THE DAY: "Is there a thing called patient opinion leader?" LinkedIn Q/A
  • NEED HELP: What is the BST TOOL to feed daily TWEETS (entire day, not individual) directly into BLOG (specifically: blogspot/blogger)? THX!
  • ABSLTLY. THNX! RT @JeanneMale: Yep! HIV/Aids RT @skypen: "Is there a thing called patient opinion leader?" LinkedIn Q/A
  • RT @JamesLDaniels: Turner Radio Network: LEAKED: CDC Director's Bulletin on new Flu
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