Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

A complete list of yesterday's tweets. Thanks for following. If you would like to follow, go to

  • RT @pitselly: RT From Iran: CONFIRMED!! Army moving into Tehran against protesters! PLZ RT! URGENT! #IranElection #gr88 (via @twazzup)
  • If anyone sees a message that says "Need Followers", please don't click. I've been TWITJACKED. Bound to happen.
  • Yup! Thanks! RT @edwardaten: @skypen Looks like you may have been hacked. Your last post seems a bit unlike you (and like phishing).
  • RT @Diabeticizme: Terrible @DiabetesMine: @amblass says there's zero health-related content at #140conf - 2 bad 4 the entire #health20 world
  • RT @sujamthe: @gurupanguji sorry! they have a live video stream here, also we are all tweeting a lot
  • RT @Boehringer: Boehringer ingelheim just did an interview with John Mack all about our Twitter strategy. Hear it:
  • Love the tweetdeck on itouch. But HATE the crashes. Quick -- send out an upgrade! #tweetdeck
  • Amen brother! RT @DigitalBulldog: Wishes @tweetdeck would stop crashing on iPod touch.
  • LOOOK now if you want followers! im getting LOTS of them from:
  • WOW want 10,000 Followers, EASY!:
  • Novo Nordisk Pulls Ahead of the Pharma Social Media Pack with New Twitter Initiative:
  • WHOA! Get over 300 followers EVERYDAY from:
  • RT @comScore: Microsoft sees gains in US searcher penetration/share of search result pages during 2nd wk of Bing's Debut
  • A 5-min audio of talk on Health 2.0 at Ontario Pharma Mrktng Association (via @MattD19 @pharmacoach):
  • Pharma Exec: "Can Healthcare Games Change the Game of Healthcare?" (@ellenhoenig)
  • Guest blogger @digitalbulldog comments on Novo Nordisk's Social Media initiative on Twitter:
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