Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

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  • 4 those who missed it - Novo Nordisk's twttr spokesperson Charlie Kimball @racingwithinsulin tweets abt brand, links 2 PI:
  • RT @jonmrich: Is Pharma Ready for the New iPhone (or any iPhone)?
  • RT @StevePasierb: Consumers becoming more sensitive to/critical of corporate social responsibility messages
  • What a list! RT @Juan_Negro: Wow. UNBELIEVABLE Twitter Brand (companies) Index. I mean, this is unreal.
  • DISAGREE: People talk like that a lot: RT @jonmrich: @carolina_dore, just not w/ PI but that is prob rqrd by Legal
  • Folks w/t1 diabetes tlk abt their products ALL THE TIME- frquntly by brand name. Diffrnce hre is simply requirmnt 4 PI. @pharmaguy @jonmrich
  • Answer, yes. Esp. t1 diabetes. Seriously wired and social. RT @jonmrich: @carolina_dore : Is this a tech that their demo is using?
  • Folks, those using TR.IM as URL shortener might want to hold off as I THINK it's down right now (at least 4 me).
  • I must've been sleeping when this happened. Sanofi Aventis TV on Twitter: @sanofiaventisTV
  • 4.2 Earthquake Strikes 16 miles From San Clemente (where I live). Didn't even feel it.
  • RT @WendyBlackburn: Increase ROI with smarter segmentation - new guest ePharma Rx blogger post
  • SKYPEN'S Top 10 Tweets of All-Time. Social Media and Pharma Stories Dominate:
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