Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From Twitter 10-05-2009

  • 05:14:16: Last weeks news from comScore - "FDA Warning Letters Caused Dramatic Decline in Sponsored Link Exposures": http://tr.im/AJJq
  • 05:20:38: Fascinating paper on twitter as a powerful word-of-mouth tool: http://tr.im/AJKV
  • 05:31:07: BIO-RAD's video channel rocks... Amazing to see "The PCR" song has surpassed 500,000 views! http://tr.im/AJOT
  • 05:38:41: 367 Hospitals in US Now Use Social Media: http://tr.im/AJRm
  • 05:41:02: Five Google Sidewiki Examples in the Pharma, Retail, Insurance, and Electronics Categories: http://tr.im/AJSd
  • 06:16:35: Online Pharma Ads: Consumers Need More Information: http://tr.im/AJTe
  • 06:16:41: 87+ of the best digital campaigns over last 12 months: http://tr.im/AK5K (THANK U @Jaeselle)
  • 06:22:49: @Pitch360 @pharmaguy RE: drop in sponsored search (A) How much $ did google & search media cos lose? (B) if/how/when will pharma spend it?
  • 08:35:27: So, so cool. BIONIC EYE: another incredible iphone app. that showcases the future of mobile augmented reality: http://tr.im/AL0H
  • 08:47:35: Grin of the day: "I GOOGLE MYSELF", hands-down funniest online video I have seen all year: http://tr.im/AL3F (rated R for language)
  • 09:16:57: ADAGE: Apple, Microsoft Are Megabrand Kingpins in Social Radar Index: http://tr.im/ALhx
  • 09:21:39: ADAGE: "What E-mail 2.0 May Look Like", RE: Google Wave - http://tr.im/ALjv
  • 09:39:07: BREAKING NEWS: FTC Clamps Down On Ad Testimonials - no more "I lost 100 lbs in 1 month", subtitle: "results may vary": http://tr.im/ALpK
  • 16:46:01: SIDEBAR WIKI BLOCKER (a test): Can you see my posts? Can you post? RT if it works: http://tr.im/AO0A
  • 16:48:17: Can PHARMA COs block people from posting on GOOGLE'S SIDEWIKI? See 4 yourself: http://tr.im/AO0A
  • 16:54:37: @MaverickNY but can u see my posts?
  • 16:59:31: @MaverickNY : I will wait 2 see what others say. If indeed this works, then coding sites to block sidewiki is EXTREMELY simple (& legit)
  • 17:01:27: THE GOOLE SIDEWIKI CHALLENGE: is anyone able to post a comment on my test site, or view others' comments? LMK. http://tr.im/AO0A
  • 17:11:21: @MaverickNY : I think it's good it's not TOTALLY lost. The difference is now people must visit your profile 2 see it, right? Like any blog.
  • 17:12:16: @blogaceutics : don't see it. Do you (upon re-visiting site)? Does anyone else?
  • 17:14:39: @blogaceutics : Miguel, what browser are you using -- perhaps it will still appear somewhere.
  • 17:17:48: RT @MaverickNY: @scobleizer what do you think of @skypen's neat sidewiki blocker? http://tr.im/AO0A :-) CREDIT GOES 2 ROMANIAN PROGRAMMER.
  • 17:23:54: SIDEWIKI BLOCKER, script by Catalin Ionescu of Romania. Costs $27. Takes minutes 2 install. Could B obsolete 2morrow: http://tr.im/AObZ
  • 17:36:40: @mrgunn : Not saying 2 buy this--may not B a long-term/viable solution, but it shows it's POSSIBLE 2 block SW, that's all I wanted 2 know ;)
  • 17:39:57: @mrgunn : but isn't greasemonkey a script that runs on individual's browser s-- a website owner would still not have control... right?
  • 17:43:21: @mrgunn : AHA, I see what you mean. And then someone would have to develop a code to block that. Good times!
  • 17:47:45: @mrgunn : Point taken. Will b interesting 2 see how the next several weeks play out regarding all this.
  • 17:57:32: FAST COMPANY: "How Social Media is Upending the Enterprise" - http://tr.im/AOkM (via @bernardmoon)
  • 18:01:33: Nice BNET post RE: Nielsen's recent report on ad spending growth on social networks: http://tr.im/AOla (via @bernardmoon)
  • 18:15:18: CONGRATS! RT @GSW_Worldwide: GSW Worldwide awarded 16 Rx Club Awards of Excellence!
  • 18:32:42: @blogaceutics @MaverickNY - Where there's a will, there's a way. Course, firefox + script = very small % of users. Still, you're right!
  • 21:13:29: Really love this post by @bernardmoon, some gr8 wisdom here: "Kevin Compton's 5 Rules for Success": http://tr.im/AP4O

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