Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Twitter 10-09-2009

  • 08:38:18: Old news, but for those who missed it, interesting: Impact of social media on search behavior:
  • 10:07:57: Nice post. RT @ahier: Social Media Flu Fighters #hcsm
  • 11:44:20: I love that, it's like you're calling a hit. RT @markhdavis: Sorry 4 the Mafia World spam. Sneaky app. Someone please do a DOS on them?
  • 11:49:06: :) RT @jonmrich: Best response ever to a spammer comes from, get this, @pepsi. Why didn't I think of this? Check it out:
  • 12:16:00: Great article by Anne Bologna in Ad Age: "Choosing an Agency Based on a Rate Card Is a Big Mistake": (@bologniac)
  • 12:35:01: Interview with Jamie Heywood of PatientsLikeMe at DigiPharm 2009: #digipharm @erikdigiredo
  • 12:35:28: Interesting poll results & commentary from DigiPharm 2009 RE: Social Media & Pharma: #digipharm @erikdigiredo
  • 13:19:53: YES, very excited! My colleague Ross Fetterolf will b joining 2 (@digitalbulldog) RT @kevinkruse
  • 17:07:25: Just wondering -- would @JNJComm ever re-tweet some breaking piece of news from @GenentechNews or @Amgen?
  • 17:11:33: AGREE. But will we see it? RT @PhilBaumann: @skypen My motto: ReTweet Your Competition.

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