Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From Twitter 12-01-2009

  • 08:23:18: New BenchMark Report (12/1/09): "Key Driver of Success and Future Use of Healthcare Websites":
  • 08:27:01: GREAT ADVICE! Post by @Jonmrich "The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Relationship Marketing. Advice for pharma, healthcare & others"
  • 08:29:49: “Under the Skin” Study from ORC Guideline Shows Many Consumers Unclear on Correct Prescription Drug Usage:
  • 08:34:29: Merck launches unique online & mobile tool 2 empowers patients to be active participants in their HIV treatment decisions:
  • 08:39:17: Sanofi-Aventis Partners with Calorie King to launch "Go Meals" iPhone App: w/twitter support: @GoMeals (@digitalbulldog)
  • 08:40:50: @jonmrich Are you referring to the Merck HIV App? If done well, could work. TheBody has the audience/credibility in HIV/AIDS community.
  • 08:43:22: Twitter takes a cue from Google, turns homepage "Red" in honor of World AIDS Day (today).
  • 08:50:35: Support Ending #HIV #AIDS, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
  • 08:55:42: Support Ending #HIV #AIDS, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
  • 09:20:16: Great Post Mark! RT @eyeonfda: The driving forces shaping the media environment of Web 3.0: #fdasm
  • 09:20:42: I would add that 3.0 = a web that understands, knows, and anticpates your needs. @eyeonfda: #fdasm
  • 10:49:54: RT @shwen: #SocPharm RT @FDASM: 30-days of Metrics for #FDASM & (PDF) (Q: What does success look like?)
  • 10:54:18: New iphone app lets people stream live video to other phones - now available free. (via @mike_elgan)
  • 10:59:17: Amen, Bruce. RT @Digitas_Health: Chris-this is THE moment to make a huge impact #fdasm
  • 11:02:00: Google, Twitter, Facebook Promote Education and Advocacy on World AIDS Day #WAD09 #HIV #AIDS #Red (@pozmagazine)
  • 15:11:24: Nice overview! RT @HCB_Joe Blog post: The #FDAsm hearings prove that social media and healthcare belong together:
  • 17:54:21: Ogilvy's John Bell (@jbell9): "The Communications Pro of the Future (2010 Edition) Part 1":

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