Thursday, December 03, 2009

From Twitter 12-02-2009

  • 07:41:44: eMarketer: "Social Media Marketers Declare Success", new data shows inc 500 social media adoption reaches 91%:
  • 07:54:28: Boehringer Ingelheim Launches, a Comprehensive Online Resource for the HIV/AIDS Community: #hcsm
  • 08:03:54: Sermo publishes first report of new "FirstLine" series, revealing 70% of HCPs wld increase Niacin use based on trial data:
  • 08:16:05: RT @pharmaguy: #fdaSM Now that I've heard from spkrs at public hearing, let me hear from YOU! Pls respond to my survey:
  • 08:23:20: RT @pharmaguy: #fdaSM Dear FDA: Where Are the Public Comments Regarding Regulation of Internet, Docket FDA-2009-N-0441?
  • 12:20:24: Listening to @healthyjack from @wegohealth on #MMMWEBCAST, where experts share POV RE: FDA Hearings. JOIN NOW: #fdasm
  • 12:26:42: #mmmwebcast is related to #fdasm -- comments should use both hashtags
  • 12:37:30: If we apply the "reasonable consumer standard" set forth by the FDA, the ave. reasnble prsn undrstnds "click 4 more info" #fdasm #mmmwebcast
  • 12:40:36: #mmmwebcast attendees: Jack & John's FDA presentations available on, along with much more #fdasm
  • 12:50:08: Working mock-up of "FDA AE reporting widget": #fdasm #mmmwebcast
  • 12:56:55: @healthyjack - will the #mmmwebcast be posted online? If so, when? #fdasm
  • 13:00:59: @healthyjack's #mmmwebcast presentation available for download (PDF) here: #fdasm
  • 13:15:58: MM&M Webcast is Now Live at Direct link: Related Webcasts: #fdasm #mmmwebcast
  • 13:59:27: RT @MaverickNY: Fascinating statistics on consumers ignoring risk information related to Pharma medications #fdasm

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