Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Government health sites outperform pharma sites

Source: ePharm 5 & ForeSee Results

Government health Web sites outperformed private sector Web sites, according to a healthcare benchmark report released by ForeSee Results. The report surveyed nearly 40,000 visitors to healthcare Web sites during the month of October. On the benchmark's 100-point scale, government Web sites scored 79 (in aggregate), whereas pharmaceutical Web sites came in second at 78.

Hospital sites dropped a point from last year to 73, and health insurance sites also fell a point year-over-year, coming in last at 64. Satisfaction is very important, according to the research. When compared to less-satisfied site visitors (satisfaction of 69 and lower), highly satisfied Web site visitors (80 and higher) are 139% more likely to return to a Web site, 169% more likely to recommend it, and 153% more likely to use the site as their primary resource for interacting with a healthcare organization. Click here for the full report.

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