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21 Million Hispanic Internet Users by 2010

Hispanic online use growing, especially among younger people

When it comes to marketing to Hispanics online, the youth market is especially potent, according to a report from eMarketer. That's because among online Hispanics, young people are an especially large demographic, with people 24 and younger representing 35% of all Hispanic Internet users. The report estimates that in 2005 there were 9.1 million Hispanic Internet users under 35 and predicts that this will rise to 12.1 million by 2010. Overall, the number of Hispanic Internet users is expected to approach that of African American users within the next four years, reaching nearly 21 million by 2010, according to the report. There were 15.7 million Hispanic Internet users in 2005 and that number is projected to reach 16.7 million this year.  


21 Million Hispanic Internet Users by 2010

Market Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

NEW YORK, NY, April 13 / MARKET WIRE/ --

The number of Hispanic Internet users is growing at a steady pace, fueled mainly by Hispanic youth.

eMarketer's new report "Hispanic Youth Online: Language and Culture Define Usage" estimates that there were 15.7 million Hispanic Internet users in the US in 2005, rising to 16.7 million in 2006. The number of users is expected to grow 33% over the next five years, reaching 20.9 million in 2010.

The Hispanic online population is overwhelmingly young: 58% are under 35, according to eMarketer.

"In many respects, the Hispanic youth online market feels like the greater youth market," said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the report. "But there's an added dimension that sets them apart. Their cultural heritage and language choices make for multiple identities, online and offline. Marketers need to remember those things in order to effectively reach this exciting demographic group."

One of the key debates is regarding language choice. While Hispanic youth often prefer to speak in English and consume English-language media, they still value the Spanish language and desire relevant Spanish-language content online.

"There is and will continue to be demand for Spanish-language sites," said Ms. Williamson. "But the onus will be on them to stay relevant and offer material and experiences that Hispanic youth cannot get elsewhere."

eMarketer's "Hispanic Youth Online: Language and Culture Define Usage" report answers these key questions:

--  How many Hispanic Americans are online?
--  How does the young age of the Hispanic population impact online
    attitudes and activities?
--  What language should be used: Spanish, English or both?
--  What factors will drive growth in Hispanic online ad spending this
--  And many more...
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