Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Novogyne Pharmaceuticals launches personalized e-newsletter

Novogyne Pharmaceuticals launches personalized e-newsletter 
Novogyne Pharmaceuticals has launched a customized e-newsletter for menopausal women. Consumers can sign up for the newsletter, Making Sense of Menopause, on hormonepatch.com, a branded Web site for the estrogen patch Vivelle-Dot. Using answers to a short questionnaire, the newsletter content is tailored to whether the reader has had a hysterectomy or is using hormone therapy. According to Novogyne, the newsletter is part of its newly launched Web site, which provides menopause information and resources to help consumers understand the risks and benefits of the Vivelle-Dot patch. Content is also available via downloadable brochures and a video that reviews various treatment options. Users can sign up to receive a nonmedicated sample of the Vivelle-Dot patch. Novogyne is a joint venture between Novartis and Noven. 

Visit www.hormonepatch.com

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