Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DuPont Makes WOMMA Ethics Code Mandatory

DuPont Makes WOMMA Ethics Code Mandatory

In a major milestone for the word of mouth industry, DuPont (www.depuont.com) has become the first Fortune 100 marketer to require its employees and vendors worldwide to follow WOMMA's Code of Ethics. Issued in a statement from the company's Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, the full endorsement specifically indicated that DuPont will only engage word of mouth marketing services providers that adhere to WOMMA's Code of Ethics. 
WOMMA congratulates DuPont for stepping forward and providing leadership on this issue. By working only with honest vendors, word of mouth marketing will continue to flourish and deceptive stealth marketers will find their services no longer required
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TGITSS said...

Thanks for the support. I believe that aggressive and volunatary adoption of the WOMMA Code of Ethics for WOM Marketing by marketers, bloggers and WOM services providers will go a long way toward not only protecting the long-term integrity of Word of Mouth as a marketing practice but also the integrity of Consumer Generated Media in general.


Gary Spangler