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DestinationRx's New Online Tool Helps Seniors Navigate Medicare Part D

DestinationRx's New Online Tool Helps Seniors Navigate Medicare Part D

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 6, 2007--DestinationRx ®is encouragingseniors and their families and caretakers to educate themselves and shop around before selecting a Medicare Part D health plan this enrollment season (November 15 – December 31). Their new site offers an easy to use, senior-friendly online comparison tool to help consumers understand their options, compare Medicare plans, and find the right plan for themselves or their loved ones.

Comfort, Control, Continuity and Cost Savings

Consumers will be able to use the online tool beginning November 15th. Seniors will simply enter their zip code and prescription drug requirements, and the program will provide a list of Part D plans in their area. Seniors will also be able to conduct side-by-side comparisons based on monthly and annual premiums, deductible amounts, coverage gap or “donut hole” coverage and estimated annual cost for their prescription drugs, and ultimately apply to the Part D plan of their choice.

By using advanced technology behind a simple, senior-friendly online tool, DestinationRx is able to give seniors important information about their options and the means to choose a plan – and ultimately save money. “Seniors can save money by comparing plans to find the most cost-efficient plan in their area. They can take control by being informed about their options and making educated decisions to avoid the surprises of changing premiums and drug costs,” said Michael Cho, CEO of DestinationRx.

The potential benefits go beyond cost savings. Changes in many aspects of drug plans are a certainty this year, and consumers that take the time to understand their current plan and the changes taking effect will have a clearer picture of whether they should stay in their current plan or switch plans. For seniors who want to switch, this new online comparison tool can help inform them of their options and make the switch to a plan that better suits their needs.

Expanding the Comfort Zone

As many as 91% of Medicare beneficiaries could see significant cost savings by switching plans – those who don’ t can expect an average 21% increase in their plan premiums. Comfort and convenience are two reasons consumers tend not to change their health plans year to year – but this could prevent seniors from making necessary changes to minimize their healthcare spending. And with the possibility of Medicare members having up to 50 different Part D plans to choose from in their zip code, making decisions about changing plans can be a very complex and daunting task.

“Research shows the majority of seniors will make a choice about their health plan based on isolated decision-making and without consulting additional sources. Hence, most seniors will not switch plans although they have the opportunity to do so once each year. We are trying to turn that fact around,” added Cho. “We want to raise awareness among seniors and other eligibles already enrolled in Medicare Part D plans, as well as caretakers of these seniors, and simplify the process of choosing a plan, with the potential for real cost savings.”

Giving Seniors Tools They Can Use

Today’ s technology is encouraging better use of resources for plan comparisons and purchasing options for a variety of prescription drug and other healthcare transactions. An increasing number of consumers over 50 – who are often the caretakers or family members of Medicare beneficiaries – are Internet-savvy and are using technology to manage health spending. These consumers often influence the health decisions made by elderly family members, and the new online comparison tool can be a resource for family members in addition to seniors.

As the cost of prescription drugs continues to soar, seniors also need to empower themselves as consumers. Tools that offer advanced technology, but take into account seniors’ specific needs, can help them make informed decisions and save on healthcare costs. “In the past, the savings we’ ve seen seniors achieve has been pretty amazing,” Cho said.

“A key weapon for consumers in all industries is independent research. For example, few people would walk into a car lot and buy the first vehicle they laid eyes on. They would do some research on their own and weigh the pros and cons of various models,” said Cho. “This same principle applies to prescription drug insurance. Patients who want to save money need to become savvy consumers.”

The online Medicare Part D comparison tool will be live on November 15, but seniors can currently sign up on the site to be reminded as the Open Enrollment period draws closer.

About DestinationRx

Founded in 1999, DestinationRx, Inc. is a leader in consumer drug comparison and purchasing technology. The company provides government and commercial plan providers with the resources to create fully integrated and comprehensive decision-support capabilities for their members. DestinationRx is also a leading consumer resource, providing education, price comparisons, and purchasing options for a variety of prescription drug and other healthcare transactions with in the context of the DestinationRx Medicine Cabinet ™. The company’ s client roster includes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), large health plans, Fortune 100 employers, and advocacy organizations.

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