Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Twitter 10-10-2009

  • 09:16:50: 30%+ say no. Moronic. RT @pharmaguy: Are There Special Cases for Correcting Misinformation on Social Media Sites? #fdasm
  • 09:18:58: Would the content need to be of value/interest to Marc, or to J&J? RT @JNJComm: @skypen thanks - interesting question. Much depends...
  • 09:20:27: Would using a pharma co's handle (eg @amgen) constitute promoting them? RT @JNJComm: @skypen thanks - interesting question. Much depends...
  • 09:24:27: 4 example, Not really a press release. Gr8 outreach initiative. Yet supported by @amgen RT @JNJComm: re: RT competitiors?
  • 12:35:37: @swoodruff @pharmaguy: what's the diff. between google sidewiki & google disabling ability to moderate comments on blogger accounts?
  • 16:26:38: @JNJComm The conversation IS the message. You have answered half my question by engaging in this discussion. Thank u!

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