Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Easy Syndication Of Online Video

by Ross Fadner, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2007 10:45 AM ET
Easy Syndication Of Online Video
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Joost, the online TV service that utilizes peer-to-peer technology, is outmoded, says Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of rival video upstart Veoh. Joost is a closed system that only shows video from the producers it has deals with. Shapiro thinks Internet TV should be something more open--like the Web itself--that draws content from both professional producers and the greater online community.

Later this week, Veoh will unveil a competing service called VeohTV, a P2P-based desktop application that allows you to watch any video from anywhere on the Web. What exactly does that mean? VeohTV is RSS-like in the sense that it gathers video from across the, YouTube, brings it in one customizable, controllable location. You can search for and then subscribe to shows, and even download video streams to watch later. And it's controlled by a standard remote, like TV.

VeohTV is version 2.0 of the company's downloadable video player, close to 1 million downloads, compared to Joost's half a million (though Joost is still in beta and requires an invite). But why desktop software? As Shapiro says: "The Web browser is not the right application for consuming video," citing the success of Outlook, the Web browser, and iTunes, so-called "killer apps" that all reside on the desktop.    Read the whole story...
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