Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Glam Upstages iVillage, Becomes #1 Women's Network

Glam Upstages iVillage, Becomes #1 Women's Network

Blog network operator Glam Media has stepped gently over iVillage to become the top women's property online, reports Venture Beat.

The lead isn't great but could signal the beginning of a new world order. In May iVillage had 17.1 million unique visitors but Glam's network of blogs reached just a little bit farther with 17.3 million unique readers.

Glam, in its fourth year of operations, now incorporates about 350 sites, including magazines and blogs. Topics run the gamut from beauty to parenting to fashion.

Glam has significantly expanded what it offers to advertisers, who seek use network to reach a sizable audience of tech-savvy women. The company offers advertisers reporting options that include the age of its readers. It also recently signed to run Google AdSense ads on all its sites.

Glam publicized its triumph, which is based on readership numbers from comScore, in a full-page ad that ran in a number of large newspapers yesterday.

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