Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Idelix Launches Map-Based Dynamic Ads

Idelix Launches Map-Based Dynamic Ads

Map technology firm Idelix is testing a way to overlay dynamic ads onto just about any map software, reports ClickZ.

Idelix believes it has identified a shortcoming in the current format for serving ads alongside maps: The ads don't change with the map. Most map-based ads either show an unchanging ad in the body, or a series of unchanging ads along the side.

But Idelix is working on technology to serve ads as people zoom in, out and move around a map. Each section of a map will be owned by an ad that could be placed on the street, city or brand level.

Advertising within online maps is a growing area of interest. Google is also exploring such options.

Idelix's software would be released as an API, which can be customized for the needs of respective sites.

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