Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eight New Twitter Applications to Launch at 140 | The Twitter Conference

Eight talented developers plan to launch new Twitter-based applications at 140 | The Twitter Conference in Mountain View on Tuesday, May 26th.

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2009 -- At the last session of the day on May 26th, eight talented developers will each reveal a new Twitter application to the hundreds of attendees at 140 | The Twitter Conference in Mountain View, CA.

The eight applications set to launch include:


Twilk.com is a Twitter background generator, creating backgrounds "auto-magically" from the collective pictures of the people you follow.


Flaggpole is a place-based social network that connects people through places that are important to them. These places could be a zip code, a neighborhood, a park, church, a school, a club or a business. After identifying a place, users can form virtual communities related to that place's function and use both micro-messaging and Twitter integration to organize meaningful interactions. Flaggpole can be used worldwide, though it is currently only available in English.


Publicitweet is a social media marketing application aimed at providing in-depth analytics for Twitter campaigns. The analytics go beyond the number of clicks and provide detailed information on which users had the most referrals and the overall reach.


Jobaba is a social marketplace for local services integrated with Twitter. When users need help getting something done, they can simply follow @Jobaba on Twitter and tweet the request with the keyword #ineed, and Jobaba will broadcast it to its network of service providers serving the user's local area. If the service providers have the proper skills to perform the job, they can use Jobaba to engage the person in need, place a bid, or set up meetings. Anyone with skills and a desire to provide services can create a profile on Jobaba, start networking with potential customers, and bid on job requests through Twitter.


ChatterBox is a collaboration platform used to track, categorize and respond to Twitter conversations. An intelligent, single point of access, this web-based interface pulls in conversations and creates a collaborative workspace that provides topical views of information - along with tools such as personalized views, assignment, categorization, prioritization, notifications and tagging - creating a more streamlined process to listen, organize and respond to conversations. As a result, social media power users and corporate teams can become far more effective in participating in relevant conversations, providing customer service, and generating stronger business leads.


TweetFunnel provides editorial control for organizations of all types and sizes. It allows multiple contributors within a company to submit tweets for editorial review and approval before they are added to the company's time line. TweetFunnel also allows editors to assign mentions and DMs back to appropriate contributors for their replies. There is in turn, an editorial review layer for these replies.


TwittyLinks lets you quickly tweet about any web page, without leaving the page. Each tweet builds your brand awareness, with a link to your own site. The more you tweet about interesting web pages, the more traffic you drive to your site.


Twittfilter is a filtering application that scores your friends and followers using a variety of scoring techniques including update rate, friend/follower ratio, keywords, and more. Twittfilter has 3 main features: 1) Your new followers are automatically ranked and only those that score above a preset level are emailed to you. 2) Messages are not viewed by time, but by user/score and only the first 3 are shown, in case someone tweets too much. 3) Twittfilter is also a searchable address book organized by how you communicate. There are many other features, check it out for yourself.

If you'd like to see these applications as they launch, it's not too late to buy a ticket for 140 | The Twitter Conference. Late pricing is $399, and tickets can be purchased from the conference web site: http://parnassusgroup.com/twitterconference/

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