Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesterday's Tweets

A complete list of yesterday's tweets. Thanks for following. If you would like to follow, go to

  • Additional Comments by ARNOLD FRIEDE on yesterday's FDA draft Guidance on Risk Disclosures:
  • Tweeting from 30,000 ft. I love Virgin America.
  • Someone just said my tweet from the sky was on CNN. I didn't see it and I'm wtchng CNN on my web-conncted slingbox on the plane-not a joke!
  • - Live pic, from plane, 34,234 feet above Colorado.
  • CBI Webinar "Social Media Strategies for Pharma Product Launch: Engaging Consumer Opinion Leaders":
  • Medical Markting & Media: "Industry coalition goads DDMAC on sponsored links"
  • Richard Branson, hope you read this: On Virgin America f#22 SFO to NYC. Wifi rocks. TV broken. Pwr not wrkng. They say 2 many peeps. WTF?
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