Friday, May 29, 2009

MSWorld and Teva Launch Online Cognitive-Based Memory Video Game on Inaugural World MS Day

MSWorld is proud to announce the launch of our cognitive-based memory video game, titled “The Case of the Missing Matches,” in recognition of the first World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day. MSWorld selected the inaugural World MS Day to launch “The Case of the Missing Matches,” to inform the public about the availability of this new resource on our Web site. MSWorld invites everyone to play this stimulating new video game.

“The Case of the Missing Matches” video game was developed by MSWorld, Inc. with the support of Teva Neuroscience. The mystery-themed game allows users to play as an assistant to a detective in charge of recovering missing items for a popular night club singer. The faster that users match the missing items, the more money they bank in fee as an assistant detective. The game follows a traditional “Memory” format, presenting users with a virtual set of cards, and asking them to match pairs of like cards together, while tracking the time it takes to match all of the cards. “The Case of the Missing Matches” allows users to test their memory skills across three difficulty levels, and provides players with a “Cognitive Clue” every time they complete a game. Users can track their progress and personal best scores. Video game users can compile up to 50 clues on their “My Cognitive Clues” board through continued play of “The Case of the Missing Matches.”

We hope you enjoy and utilize our new, exciting feature now available to all MSWorld members. You'll need to be a registered member of MSWorld to access the game but rest assured, your privacy is protected. We hope you find this new game to be a very nice addition to your leisure time activities.

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