Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Twitter 10-13-2009

  • 06:02:02: "28 Tweets Later": The social media apocalypse is here: (via @thebrandbuilder)
  • 07:02:44: New Facebook App. Aims to Prevent Cervical Cancer:
  • 07:06:34: @Pharmaguy hosts social media giants @WendyBlackburn, @JonMrich, Silja (@WhyDotPharma), and @swoodruff on exclusive ePioneer live chat.
  • 07:36:54: Story of my life. RT @shwen: #BTRPMT D'oh! And @skypen get's cut off in mid-sentence...CENSORED! ;-)
  • 07:39:16: I didn't know either :) RT @whydotpharma: @skypen You got cut off? I did not notice... sorry!
  • 07:41:05: @pharmaguy asks: "How do we get pharma med, leg, reg comfortable with social media?" Answer: PIZZA! :) #BTRPMT
  • 07:42:26: @swoodruff, parting words: "Best & Word Advice for Companies: Get started. Worst thing: Get started w/out a plan." #BTRPMT
  • 07:45:51: @whydotpharma, parting words: "2day, pharma too focused on SM tools (eg, twitter). Need to focus on adding value to patients." #BTRPMT
  • 07:46:50: @wendyblackburn, parting words: ""SM not a shiny object. SM needs to be integrated into all programs"." #BTRPMT
  • 07:47:20: @jonmrich, parting words: "RE: ROI. Let's not hold SM to standards higher than all other things we currently do." #BTRPMT
  • 07:49:23: @pharmaguy, parting words: "Don't forget to take survey on FDA & Social Media -" #SMFDA #BTRPMT
  • 07:59:14: New whitepaper from CoreMetrics: "Social Media Analytics":
  • 08:08:02: Q: Is Social Media worth the effort? A: Will your CFO get as excited as your CMO? GR8 quote from Social Media whitepaper:
  • 08:41:39: Nice social media timeline visual: (via @shivsingh @dianasvia @dianas)
  • 08:45:50: Fascinating data. CNN: "Does your social class determine your online social network?": (via @TomHCAnderson)
  • 08:49:31: Has anyone tried this twitter client: If so, how does it compare with TweetDeck?
  • 09:13:36: GR8 post! "What use is Social Media in the Pharma Industry?" (@The_Shed)
  • 09:15:58: BNET "Pharma on Twitter: J&J Tweets the Most; Novartis Has Most Followers, Abbott Not Out of the Gate Yet":
  • 09:32:42: Health Care & Pharma Webinar: Keeping w/in Regulatory Guidelines While Exploring New Frontiers in Healthcare Social Media:
  • 10:28:45: Looks like Google trickled out another set of invites last night to WAVE. Now what? Are we going from FRIENDS to FOLLOWERS to... SURFERS?
  • 10:35:51: Because sometimes folks RT b4 clicking the link. It's a form of TS (Twourette Syndrome). RT @fardj: @andrewspong @sarahmorgan ellenhoenig
  • 11:20:37: Sadly, I've been guilty of it more than I care to admit. @sarahmorgan @fardj @andrewspong @ellenhoenig
  • 11:49:16: Remember @pharmaguy's April fool joke re:FDA SM guidance? So many folks didn't read the whole thing and bought it @andrewspong @sarahmorgan
  • 11:53:06: COOL! RT @JBGuru: Need real-time social media stats? Here you go: (RT @leeodden @jowyang) #socialmedia
  • 12:28:49: @pharmaguy I know! Worse yet, @jonmrich's blog had people diving 4 cover. Literally.
  • 13:18:22: In case you missed this from @mashable: "How Social Media is Revolutionizing Your Doctor Visits": (via @jlefevere)
  • 18:35:19: Social media can be so effective at fostering new relationships, yet sometimes seems to dilute the value of old ones. Is it just me?

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