Saturday, October 17, 2009

From Twitter 10-16-2009

  • 07:51:20: New Study, ComScore Prescribes Branded Web Sites As Most Effective For Pharma:
  • 08:09:46: in case u missed it, new study from ComScore Prescribes Branded Web Sites As Most Effective For Pharma:
  • 12:42:23: @adamcohen nice article in AdAge: "Big Pharma and Google Sidewiki":
  • 12:44:23: Who's hot and who's not - check out the CLIO HEALTHCARE AWARDS shortlist posted this AM: #CLIOHC
  • 12:51:27: 18 Favorite Tools of Twitter Rock Stars:
  • 14:03:28: GAME CHANGER: soon, just about anyone (who knows Flash) will be able to build an iphone app:
  • 14:05:56: Last I checked @pharmaguy was winning with 2,000+ votes. The Mack has got mad mojo! RT @adamcohen: @shwen @skypen lol - that is priceless
  • 14:12:26: VERY COOL. "Social Media Campaign to Beat Cancer Eyes Record in Guinness Book" (@diabetesalic @Mediabistro)
  • 14:21:01: You are very welcome! #beatcancer RT @diabetesalic: @skypen Thxs for the RT Fabio!
  • 14:23:43: SPREAD THE WORD: eBay/PayPal & MillerCoors will donate 1 cent 2 cancer research for every TWT, FB UPDATE, or BLOG containing the #beatcancer
  • 14:28:16: If every user replaced #followfriday with #beatcancer today, we could help raise $1MILLION for breast cancer. Come on folks!
  • 14:49:57: Each time you use hashtag #beatcancer today, it's $0.01 to cancer research. Please retweet. (cha-ching -I've raised 0.12!)
  • 14:58:33: 5,000+ mentions of #beatcancer in 15 minutes! It's a lot, but not enough. Watch the tweets streaming live on
  • 16:00:43: STATS UPDATE ON #BEATCANCER CAMPAIGN: Approx 200 mentions per min. Took 4.5 hrs 2 get to 35k, 1.5 hr 2 get to 50k. It's going viral!
  • 16:18:12: Jst donated $25 2 each org on @standuptocancer @BeBrightPink @SPIRITJUMP @AlexsLemonade THNKS 4 HELPING #BEATCANCER
  • 16:29:43: $0.10 IF U RETWEET #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer #beatcancer
  • 16:41:37: 2000 #BEATCANCER mentions past 10 min. 980 min left->196k more + 60k current->approx. 260k. total. Not good enough. TWEET NOW, SAVE LIVES.
  • 17:19:52: Celebrities join now! #BEATCANCER and help raise $$$ for CANCER! @TheEllenShow @perezhilton @KimKardashian @Oprah @RyanSeacrest @aplusk
  • 17:20:45: URGE CELEBRITIES 2 TWEET #BEATCANCER NOW 2 raise $$$ for CANCER! @TheEllenShow @perezhilton @KimKardashian @Oprah @RyanSeacrest @aplusk
  • 22:39:14: WTF FRIENDS??? I got 1000+ RTs when I wrote abt FDA & Social Media--yet only 100 RTs 4 #BEATCANCER, which actually IS how SM SAVES LIVES.

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