Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Twitter 10-14-2009

  • 05:29:27: @pharmaguy: waking up to your tw'rant on BI reminds of waking up to Howard Stern-- dude was always pointed & incisive & made me grin.
  • 05:35:24: @pharmaguy - rainy so. cal. waiting for mudslides to wipe away a few homes. Looks like you're starting a few of your own out there :)
  • 05:39:57: Speaking of sidewiki, they updated their label: "SW may induce confusion and nausea, and can lead to split-personality disorder". @swoodruff
  • 06:27:23: Re-defining "The Mack Attack" @shwen @pharmaguy @jonmrich @swoodruff:
  • 07:20:28: @JeanneMale NO, that's a real photo of Mack when he audioned for the new "Chief SideWiki compliance Officer" role at the FDA
  • 10:05:10: Please RT! TWITTER PHISHING SCAM: if u receive something that says "this you?+ link", DO NOT CLICK. Read about it here:
  • 10:24:52: EXACTLY my sentiment. If I need 2 watch a 2 hr video 2 figure it out, something's wrong! RT @GrillerGeek: @jonmrich RE: Wave, now what?
  • 16:11:23: @jonmrich i got an invite- but seriously, had no idea what to do! I really felt like a total digital nimrod...
  • 16:13:39: @jonmrich It's like i got invited to the coolest, most exclusive party of the year... but i was the only one there.
  • 16:42:49: RT Put me in coach. I sent you my wave address. @jonmrich @maverickNY @brianreid @danalewis @wmartino @eyeonfda

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