Monday, June 04, 2007

Company launches oncology-specific search engine for docs

Company launches oncology-specific search engine for docs has launched the third in its series of specialty-specific search engines. The company added SearchMedica Oncology, which allows oncologists to connect to credible medical Web sites, online journals, and clinical research. The oncology-focused search engine sorts results by either relevance or publication date, depending on which the user prefers. The search results that SearchMedica Oncology provides are tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. For example, searching the term "melanoma" on Google yields more than 10 million results, which are mostly aimed at consumer interests. However, SearchMedica Oncology returns fewer than 75,000 results from medical information sources, according to the company.

SearchMedica previously launched search engines for psychiatrists (ePharm5, 1/24/07) and primary care physicians, and it plans to add additional specialties in the future.

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