Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Audio Ads Almost Accessible to All Advertisers

Google Audio Ads Almost Accessible to All Advertisers

 Google is about to open access to its Audio Ads product to all AdWords members, reports ClickZ.

The search/advertising giant has finally determined its Audio Ads product, which brings radio ads into the auction platform, to be ready for prime time. The switch will flip for AdSense members at the end of June.

Earlier this year Google signed a deal with Clear Channel, in which the media company made a percentage of its inventory available to the search giant. Radio stations also hope Google can help them get rid of "remnant" commercial time that would otherwise go unsold. These bench-warming slots can now be purchased by local businesses who may not have considered radio ads a possibility before.

The announcement suggests Google now has sufficient radio inventory to sell.
Google will also provide Audio Ads help guides and $400 credit good towards a radio campaign. Advertisers must use Google's Ad Creation Marketplace to qualify for the credit.

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