Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Consumers prefer general health Web sites to pharma ones

Consumers prefer general health Web sites to pharma ones


Source: ePharm5(tm)

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Consumers searching online for health information are more likely to visit general health and condition-specific Web sites than branded pharma sites. A new study from Prospectiv shows that only 4% of surveyed consumers preferred pharma sites, compared to 54% who preferred general health sites and 37% who preferred condition-specific sites, reports MediaPost. According to Prospectiv, pharma brands often have names that aren't very recognizable. In contrast, general health Web sites often have very good brand recognition, so pharma brand managers need to do a better job at driving consumers to their branded sites. Educational e-mails, newsletters, and health Web sites can help, the report says. The study also shows that 75% of consumers view the Internet as their most trusted resource for condition and drug information. Also, 83% of respondents said that pharma TV ads can be confusing, according to the report.



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