Thursday, August 02, 2007

ePharmaceutical and Informa Launch "Compliance Speedway" for Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals

Compliance Speedway is a competitive board game that uses a racing theme to reinforce compliance knowledge for sales professionals within the pharmaceutical industry.

The game meets two primary objectives: to reinforce a player's knowledge about the basics of compliance laws and to allow players to apply their knowledge in contextual scenarios that reinforce their understanding of the nuances of compliance issues. The game is available as a turnkey purchase off the shelf and offers clients an option for customization.

ePharmaceutical and Informa's Compliance Speedway
provides pharmaceutical sales professionals with reinforcement
training around the:

* False Claims Act
* Anti-kickback Statute
* Stark Physician 
Self-Referral Law

* PhRMA Code
* AMA guidelines
* OIG guidelines
* Sarbanes-Oxley Act
* CME regulations
* Off-label regulations

PLAYING THE GAME (Please click on links to download illustrations):
Complete instructions are included. Players advance around the board by rolling the die, landing on a color-coded square, and successfully answering questions from one of four compliance related topics: Laws, Guidelines, Lingo, and Do or Don't. Players can also land on a Pit Stop square, which requires them to move off the track and into the Pit. To get back onto the track, they must answer a scenario-based question. Players remain in the Pit until they answer a question correctly. The first player to correctly answer two questions from each topic and one scenario-based question wins the game.

The optimal number of participants per board is between 2 and 5 players or small teams. However, utilizing a projected image of the game board at the front of the room, will allow more teams of participants to be accommodated. 

All questions may be customized to meet specific training needs for an additional development and production fee.

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