Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Exubera.com features instructional videos, patient testimonials

Exubera.com features instructional videos, patient testimonials


 Source: ePharm5(tm)

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A year after launching Exubera, the first commercially available inhaled insulin, Pfizer has started a DTC campaign, and the brand Web site (www.Exubera.com) includes instructional videos. Because Exubera is the first of its kind, the videos include information about actually using the drug. The end of one of the videos features a 360-degree virtual inhaler, which points out the different parts of the inhaler and allows users to roll over them with a mouse for an explanation. A video about how to clean the inhaler shows someone doing it and includes a detailed voice-over giving instructions and tips. Another video shows users how to replace the release unit on the inhaler. In addition to the videos, the site includes photos and testimonials from actual Exubera study patients. Exubera sales have reportedly been lagging (ePharm5, 4/12/07).



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