Monday, August 13, 2007

Dove Hair Care Contest

Dove Hair Care Contest
by Rachel on August 8th, 2007
Dove are repeating their ‘make a commercial’ effort that they rolled out previous with Dove Cream Oil and the Oscars. This time, it is for their Hair Care product, which tells me I’m 5 days away from beautiful hair. You mean I’m not there already, I thought Dove was all about real beauty and going with what you have. No matter, enter this contest and they will give $1 to Uniquely ME! Self Esteem Programme.

The prize for this is a trip to New York and a professional photo-shoot for you and your hair to appear in one of the future ads. To win, you load up a photo, add the copy, answer a few questions and away you go. Unlike Smarties, the creative element is relatively fixed, there are few areas to play. Most of the competition is based on how you compose your answers to the questions with the marks being given for: “1) Quality of story (on how your hair expresses your unique beauty (50%); 2) Representation of Dove® brand philosophy (25%); and 3) Quality of photo (25%).

I’m not sure this has the same kind of excitement as some of the others, it feels a little quiet in it’s approach. There’s nothing new in it, but it does give a llot of people the chance to express how they feel about their hair.

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